PULL UP YOUR PANTS!! is starting a national campaign to address a problem that has gone on for far too long. Several businesses, educational institutions and municipalities have banned or addressed this problem.  
On October 17th the maddness must cease & desist  What are we talkin about...."Saggin". isn't trying to be the fashion police but many people find it offensive when a guy's butt is hanging out. No one wants to see your dirty underwear or the crack in your behind, "PULL YOUR PANTS UP"! Men who sag are showing a dangerous lac k of self-respect as well as an embrace of gang and prison culture. There is nothing postive about people wearing saggy pants. If you sag you'll go through life being neglected and disrespected. 
Help stamp out saggin by contributing whatever you can to our national Pull Your Pants Up-Stop Saggin campaign. We're asking for anything you can help out with.... $5 , $10  or more. Anyone contributing $20  or more will receive a Down Home Blues Radio-Stop The Saggin t-shirt and all monies received will go towards taking a busload of youths in Omaha, Ne., Little Rock, Ar. & (Sag-i-naw) Saginaw, Mi. to Indianapolis to see the largest Black Expo in the USA,  the Indiana Black Expo. The money we hope to raise will pay for the bus trip, hotel accomodations, t-shirts and cost associated with promoting this event. We'll need the funds by October 17th, 2016. It'll mean so much to the youths who go to school and /or go through life doing "the right thing". For more info listen to our station and  God bless you. Please tell a friend about 
It's a station that's a mixture of Blues, R&B and Southern Soul. You can also download our app on the Apple/Android play store.